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One of my favorite things to do as an Early Childhood Educator is to help programs become nationally accredited!  I love it!

After my second year in this field as an Assistant Teacher, I desired to work at nationally accredited centers or center on their states QRIS (quality rating and improvement systems) for licensed childcare facilities.   In the event that I was employed at a non-accredited facility I would work with the management team towards achieving national accreditation.   For me it is the process of being and representing the best in the ECE and child care industry.  

This passion and pull that I have is because of Ms. Chawnee' W. who was the Center Director at an Easterseals North Georgia Early Childhood Development Centers- the Guice Educare location in Atlanta, Georgia slightly over 20 years ago.  This location was within its first years of opening and Mrs. Chawnee' shared that her vision for the facility included earning a national accreditation status.  As a Team Player I volunteered to assist with the process.  While learning about the national accreditation process I noticed that it was likened to "Putting the Pieces Together" for a puzzle.   Listen, I like all types of puzzles and creating positive solutions. 

A national accreditation status for an ECE or Childcare program has its rewards.  I will admit that seeking national accreditation can be challenging or overwhelming for many; including directors, staff and concerned parents!  Through my years of employment with accredited and non-accredited programs the overarching goal has been to always increase the overall level of quality for the childcare business and its educational programs.  Improving also meant to begin the alignment process with a nationally recognized program that has higher requirements than the local or state licensing level.  

There are several different national accrediting organizations in America.   With my natural abilities and professional acumen I found a process that makes it easier to accomplish national accreditation regardless of the program type.  However, I must also attribute  this acquired skill set to working as a Quality Advisor and Paths to Quality Coach for the Indiana Association of the Education of Young Children.  During my time with the organization I served programs for the states QRIS (quality rating and improvement system) called Paths to Quality™ for the levels 3 and 4 homes, ministries and child care centers to achieve or maintain accreditation.

As I stated obtaining national accreditation can be challenging or overwhelming, yet, I must admit it is doable.  My goals is to advise, coach and serve you along the way to national accreditation.  Having a nationally accredited ECE or childcare facility whether it is at a center, daycare, family childcare home, ministry, preschool or school setting is a symbol of a high quality programming and it is doable.    May I serve you to #GetAccredited too? Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today!