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Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ PODCAST

Our podcast is an exciting place for Caregivers, Early Childhood Educators, Childcare Providers, Parents and Professionals to listen to other professionals speak about topics related to early childhood education and care.  The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™️ is a source for education, inspiration, networking and uplifting of early childhood education & childcare industry professionals. Many sessions are live recorded on the Clubhouse Drop In Audio App. The group currently has a following of over 5,900 people and growing daily. The Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™️ can be found on all major social media outlets by searching hashtag #ECEcircletime.

During the podcast you will be invited to learn with Ms. Melody, the Founder and Host about old and new concepts, products and really great professionals who care about the children, families and local communities in which they serve.  Each featured guest is personally chosen by Ms. 

Melody to share with the audience.  She chooses professionals that she believes are in alignment with the focus of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ and that is to serve the children that we love, know and care about to the best of our ability and with professionalism.

Would you like to join Ms. Melody for a live audio recording session and be a guest in the audience?  Follow her on IG or join the audience on Clubhouse app for real time updates about featured guest.  You may also view many recorded podcast virtually on several different platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and soon on the Roku platform for the PIC TV Network.  Stay tuned for more updates and subscribe via your favorite platform today!

To become a guest on the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ Podcast you may schedule a COMPLIMENTARY meeting with Ms. Melody or send a proposal for a podcast session via email.  In the event that you have a product that can be used by children, parents, ECE and Childcare facilities a sample MUST be sent to the following address before the session is scheduled:

Melody McGuire

Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™

9702 E. Washington Street

Suite #400-111

Indianapolis, Indiana 46229

If the product needs to be returned it must accompany self-addressed labels to be sent.

F.A.Q. for Podcast Guest 

1. Do you have to pay to be featured on the podcast?  

No!  However, a media kit can be created for your usage to assist with PR (public relations) of your product.   

Media kits include: fliers, repurposed social media content, social media page set ups, websites, business logos, virtual assistance, blogs, commercial spots, redistribution, product endorsement (website, social media or video), product testimonial, and notification sent to the Subscriber email list for the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ podcast. Prices start at $99 for the services.

2. May I have questions before the podcast?  

Yes!  You may submit preferred questions that you would like asked.  Specific questions can also be sent to you to help you prepare.

3. What is the difference between the audio only podcast versus the visual podcast?

The audio only podcast will not have a visual of your product.  The visual podcast will include the audio and be seen virtually on all of the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ platforms.

4. What are the options that you have for the podcast?

There are three options for being featured; (1) is Audio-only and where you will meet with Ms. Melody on a virtual platform and the session is recorded and disbursed within three to five business days.  (2) Audio and Audience is where you will meet with Ms. Melody on the Clubhouse platform and have an opportunity to engage in conversation with the attendees during a session.  (3) Audio-Audience and Virtual is where you will have the first two options included and be physically seen with your product and Ms. Melody during the session.  You also have the option to pre-record the virtual or audio before the podcast session is distributed.

5. May I have a copy of the Podcast sent to me?

Yes.  A link will be sent where you can download the podcast for your usage.

6. How are podcast sessions scheduled?

The podcast are schedule on a first come first served basis. This includes after receipt of any product that is being discussed during the podcast.

7. Do I have to send a "physical" product to be on the podcast?

No.  Our guest include conversations from professionals who are entrepreneur's, speakers and ECE enthusiasts.

8. What is considered "products"?

Products are books, curriculum, games, toys or anything tangible that a listener from the podcast may purchase.

9. Will the podcast be evergreen?

Yes.  The podcast will not be removed from the platform.

10. What are the legal consent and protections available for the podcast?

You may "click on this" to link to learn and give legal consent and protection for the podcast.

Thank you for your interest to be featured on the Early Childhood Educators Circle Time™ Podcast!  Please feel free to email us at [email protected] for more information.