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Importance of Relationships

Post Pandemic Programming 

American Sign Language​

This special circle time will be co-hosted with Brittney Atkins, Owner of Grow with Me. She will be presenting that American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete language and should be recognized as such.  

International ECE Circle Time Symposium​

This will be the first event that members of the ECE Circle Time group from Clubhouse will be presenting face-to-face (virtually).  

Natural Learning

This special circle time will be co-hosted with Gloria “GloJean” Sumpter.  She is the founder of “Natural Teacher: MBSS”. The “MBSS” stands for Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.  Gloria believes that the more enlighten people are on natural teaching that children will have the ability to learn easier.

Parent Involvement

This special circle time will be co-hosted with Chelsea Elliott. She is the founder of Bedtime Memories Publishing Company. She helps others take their children’s story from idea to self-published. Chelsea is also passionate about parent involvement for young children’s overall development. 

SocioEconomic Disadvantages

This special circle time was co-hosted by Dalanika Chambers-Raymond and Damion Chambers.  Dalanika is the founder of A Perfect Vision, LLC. Damion serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the company. 

The purpose of the company is People Extending Resources, Fostering Educations, Community and Talent.

Black History 365

This special circle time was co-hosted with Joel A. Freeman, PhD. He is the Co-founder and Co-author of a solution to the education gap in America and can be found at

During the room producer Khao Music joined. Khao wrote 41 songs in Hip Hoop form that hit #1 on iTunes. 


This special circle time was co-hosted with Mahalia Arthur.  She is a childcare center owner and program director. 

Spanish Circle

The special circle time was co-hosted with Alexa Barrera.  She is the My Bilingual Babies a program that was created to assist families with finding weekly content that could be used to motivate families to speak in their native language.