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Weekly Rooms


This room is co-hostedTeresa McDermott, M.Ed Early Childhood PD Specialist, former Head Start Site Manager and currently an Adjunct Professor of Child Development. She is also the Founder and CEO of Educators For Change. 

The purpose of the room is to provide conversation around topics to be address for early childhood education professionals.

This room is co-hosted with Mallory Boykin the founder of SafeSpace Consulting. She serves as an administrator at a child care facility and worlds as an Instructional Assistant at a high school.

The purpose of the room is to provide other early childhood educators with an opportunity to share ideas for lesson plans or receive assistance.

Monday thru Friday

This room is hosted by Melody McGuire the founder of Early Childhood Educators Circle Time group.  She is an educator with the heart of serving children, their families and the community at large.

The purpose of the room is to provide early childhood educators with a space for connecting and motivation.

Thursday Evening

This room is co-hosted with Rosalind Wesley the founder of Wesley Consultant Services. She is a strategist and enjoys serving others to help them understand their role in the lives of children.

The purpose of the room is to provide a space for faith based and childcare ministries to feel free to connect and share resources.   


This room is co-hosted with Janola Morris the owner of Doctors of Academics Inc. and TOTallyKinds Resources. She inspires hope, ignites imaginations and is always instilling a love for learning in children and the adults who care for them.

The purpose of this room is to recap the lessons shared with Ms. Melody from the week and create a space for educators, parents or professionals to gather and share.